This Month's Highlights

Rejuran Healer (Skin Booster - 2ml + 3 Rejuvenation Laser) $321*

Rejuran is a range of revolutionary injectables from South Korea, formulated to promote skin healing, reduce signs of aging, brighten your skin and tighten your pores all at once.

The formula contains polynucleotide (PN) derived from salmon DNA, which is not only highly compatible with human DNA, but also to serve as building blocks of human DNA essentially. As a result, PN rejuvenates the skin and is effective at stimulating cell growth and collagen production, making Rejuran a great treatment for addressing several skin-related concerns that patients commonly have.

Juvederm Filler $699

Juvederm is a collection of injectable dermal fillers with a hyaluronic acid base and is meant to restore volume to different parts of the face. There are many varieties of Juvederm fillers, each formulated to have the most optimum effect on a specific facial feature.

TRU-V (Jaw Slimming + Chin Filler) + 1 Rejuvenation Laser - $963

Get the slender, V-shaped jawline that you desire with Astique Clinic’s Tru-V Face Contouring treatment!

Dual Yellow $2140 (10 Sessions)

Non-Invasive treatment for flawless face and skin.

Dual Yellow Laser is suitable for both men and women, but women are commonly known to undergo this treatment. Women who are in their teenage years, or working females, even matured women they are welcome to try the treatment.

Profhilo Super Skin Booster

Profhilo helps to Hydrate your skin from inside out

Profhilo boosts and hydrates the skin and it helps revive the sagging skin and the signs of ageing in the face. Profhilo is not just a skin booster or another filler!